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DroneX Pro
Technical specifications :
- Automatic flight assistance
- 3-axis gyro stabilizer
- Exceptional ultra-HD quality photos
- Exceptional ultra-HD quality videos
- Great battery life (6 hours)
- Built-in panorama mode
- Easy to pack up and carry
- Innovation of the Year Award 2019
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DroneX Pro Rated 4.9/5 (5792 reviews)
  • Yasmine Kaced
    Posted 6 minutes ago
For a pretty clueless beginner, I found DroneX Pro really easy to use.
  • René Danz
    Posted 14 minutes ago
was delivered quickly and it works perfectly!!!!
  • Karine V
    Posted 26 minutes ago
Great drone, had it for a few months now, I was hesitating between a few different ones, but I wanted a really good photo quality so in the end I chose DroneX Pro. Really happy with it, really steady, good image quality, etc. Take your time to program for the type of images you want for the best results. I recommend to any one who wants to make aerial videos for professional purposes or even just personal travel logs.
  • Isabelle
    Posted 1 hour ago
I bought DroneX Pro and I'm super pleased with it.
  • Michael G.
    Posted 2 hours ago
Excellent drone, simple and efficient! Recommended
  • Flora D.
    Posted 2 hours ago
Pick this gadget up a few weeks' ago. I was a bit apprehensive to fly it too far in the beginning but it's a real diamond piece of equipment, it always comes back no matter what happens. Definitely happy with my purchase. Just don't forget to put your phone on airplane mode, otherwise you lose the video feed every time.
  • Gillian Paul
    Posted 2 hours ago
Equally as good for beginners as for pros
  • Antoine A
    Posted 2 hours ago
totally satisfied by price and quality
  • David Ballota
    Posted 3 hours ago
What's to say. Device works well, delighted with it
  • Ernest Cherici
    Posted 3 hours ago
I've done a few flights with it so far but performance is really great. It's strong, flies well and give great image feedback. The application takes some practice to get used to for an oldie like me, but once you get the hang of it quite quickly. Definitely recommend